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Twitter finally draws a line on extremism

On Friday I wrote about Twitter’s seeming paralysis when it came to enforcing its platform rules. What, exactly, was going on over there? Late Friday evening, we got an answer of sorts. The company invited Cecilia Kang and Kate Conger of The New York Times to sit in on a meeting in which CEO Jack Dorsey and 18 of his colleagues debated safety policies. The meeting was rather … inconclusive, they report:

For about an hour, the group tried to get a handle on what constituted dehumanizing speech. At one point, Mr. Dorsey wondered if there was a technology solution. There was no agreement on an answer.

Elsewhere in the piece, executives sound other notes we’ve heard before from this and other platforms: Free speech is valuable. Moderation…

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Top tips for building and maintaining international collaborations

Top tips for building and maintaining international collaborations

Top tips for building and maintaining international collaborations, Published online: 14 August 2018; doi:10.1038/d41586-018-05944-x

Four researchers explain how working with colleagues overseas has helped them to produce stronger science. via