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Pop Culture

A Look Inside the Increasingly Late Mister Miracle at San Diego Comic-Con

At the Tom King panel at San Diego Comic-Con last night, we got a glimpse at upcoming Mister Miracle. The series is late, after all the setup for Batman #50 was massive, the Walmart books have kicked off, he has Heroes in Crisis to manage — and those nine-panel grids don’t write themselves. And so Mister Miracle #10, which was solicited for July 11th, is now scheduled for the 1st […]

Pop Culture

Pokémon GO Players Reporting Failures with Zapdos Day Event

It didn’t take long for players to have a whole new set of issues with Pokémon GO, as their latest event is seeing some epic failures across the board. There’s an entire Reddit thread going on about the problems players have been dealing with, but to sum it up, the availability and the specialness about Zapdos aren’t that great. First and […]