Much as it did last year, Sony is offering free items to players who may have encountered technical issues in the latest MLB The Show game’s online modes.

“[W]e’re less than happy with unexpected server issues that have accompanied the launch of MLB The Show 17 and know you are too–for this we apologize,” the developer, SIE San Diego Studio, wrote on the game’s official website. “We’ve been working without pause to address a number of server and gameplay issues to restore the online experience we had hoped to achieve at launch.”

It also noted that, in addition to the public-facing updates released since MLB 17’s launch in March, there have also been back-end server upgrades that have helped to improve matters. “We’re pleased to report that these updates have made great strides to address the main issues related to online gameplay and have led to an improved gameplay experience for our fans,” it said.

To make up for the issues to fans, anyone who played the game between launch and May 11 at 1 PM PT will receive 10 standard packs and 11,000 Stubs. These should be delivered to all eligible players by May 18.

If this entire situation sounds familiar, that’s because things played out almost identically with MLB 16 last year. The rewards–and even the statement issued–were very similar to what we’re seeing this year.

Online issues aside, this year’s game was another solid entry in the series. You can read more about it in GameSpot’s MLB 17 review.