November 1991 The Alphabetical Orgasm
(Tokyo · Gallery Tieraruto)
’92 April The Alphabetical Orgasm (Kyoto · 吉 吉 Studio Com)
’92 November Anonymous Animals (Tokyo · Gallery Tieraruto)
’94 July Compu Expo (Tokyo / Tennozu Isle Spheremex)
‘December ’92 Relaxed (Tokyo / Tokyo Pearn)
’93 November Floating Museum – Installation of sound, image and fragrance –
(Tokyo · Nice Museum)
November ’91 Collection of Art · The Alphabetical Orgasm (Tierlert · Books)
Works of November ’92 · Alphabetical Animals (Toms box)
’93 June Writing · Compu Design – Conceptual Method of Formality – (Graphic)
’94 February Compu Movie (Tierlert)
Video CD
’94 September The Esoteric Retina – secret retina –
(Sony Music Entertainment)
Music CD
’94 October TRANSMIGRATION (Sony Music Entertainment)
’95 October EQUAL (Sony Music Entertainment)
Digital entertainment
’94 April The East Brain (Sony Music Entertainment)
’95 Eastern Mind – East Brain international version –
(America: Sony Electronic Publishing /
Available in USA and Europe)
’95 Midtown (Sony Music Entertainment)
Award history
’92 Adobe Design Contest ’92 Special Award Winner
’93 Digital Entertainment Program
(Sponsored by Sony Music Entertainment)
Work category and person category Best prize won
’94 Multimedia Grand Prix ’94
(Sponsored by Multimedia Software Promotion Association)
MMA Artist Award Winner