you dont have to lie,,,
i know u want it all,,,
but i cant give it to ya cause i know that l”ll just hurt y0u,,,
just hold me close and let the night consume ya,,,,, , ,
look me in the eyes and let y0ur body move grl ,,, , ,,

i was hangingg w my homies and y0u were a 3rd wheel
COULDVE SPENT THE WHOLE D AY messinG around in our bed
or we coulve go out,,,, , , could’ve been fun if we went out and did all that stuff
could’ve don this, ,, couldve done that
regret is killing me inside and out yaa yaa skrrt skttt

could’ve ‘s are pointless
lemme be h0nest
im fucking srry
i said that already
you givin me the silent treatment
i deserve that, th4t is my penalty , ,, sometimes i wish that i knew what ur thinkin

lemme make it up to you
lemme make it up to you
imm sorry that i fucked up
i promise that i”ll make it up