Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has had a first-person mode since its release earlier this year, but soon you’ll be able to play in a server that forces you to play in first person. Developer Bluehole announced today that first-person servers will go live in the next update.

The developer announced the news on Twitter, revealing that the next monthly update will feature this addition. At first, the servers will be exclusive to North American and European solo and duo games, although Bluehole will bring them to other regions later on.

These will be additional servers and won’t replace the current, third-person modes. Bluehole also said that it’ll roll out some improvements to the first-person view in the update.

This is just one of the many things that Bluehole currently has planned for the game. Battlegrounds launched in Early Access back in March, and since then it has received numerous content updates. The studio recently delayed its full release to sometime in Q4 2017, but the game will receive new maps, a Zombies mode, and a replay system soon.

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