The first three episodes of The Walking Dead Season 8 were sprawling and confusing, with too many characters and lots of tedious gunfights. Many of the show’s most interesting characters have been sidelined, with far too little screentime given over to them. Thankfully, Episode 4 got a bit of focus back. The main story followed poor Ezekiel, whose over-confidence led to most of his men being killed by Savior snipers, but we also, at last, got some prime Carol action. No one on the show is more fearless or badass than Carol when she goes into battle, so let’s look at her best moments from the latest episode.

Straight in there

When the machine gun-wielding Saviors open fire, most of Ezekiel’s men dive for cover or drop dead. Not Carol. She heads straight into Savior’s outpost, looking to kill her foes and get their guns.

Death from above

The odds might be against her, but Carol has surprise and cunning on her side. She climbs up into the ceiling above a store room and waits for her enemies to pass below her. Blam! Four down in seconds.

Not without the guns!

Carol has a clear chance to escape from the outpost, but she isn’t going anywhere without those weapons. She engages in a furious gunfight with the remaining Saviors, and despite their superior numbers, they look more panicked than she does. Plus, she has a plan.

Open the doors

For any other character, being trapped behind a bullet-ridden truck with dozens of Saviors shooting at her would be the end. Not Carol. She pretends to surrender, but quickly takes a hostage, before hitting the button that releases the doors to the compound. In come the walkers!

To the rescue

In between killing Saviors, Carol finds time to save Ezekiel and Jerry, who are trapped on the other side of the locked fence. Her decision to rescue them means losing the guns, but that balance between compassion and being kick-ass is why we love her. And anyway, Rick and Daryl are on the trail of the guns too.

“You don’t get to do that!”

As Carol, Ezekiel, and Jerry try to escape, she takes charge. When an injured Ezekiel falls to ground and insists that they leave him, she makes it very clear that she isn’t going anywhere without him. She then gets to blow away some gloopy swamp zombies, and if it’s Shiva who ultimately saves the day, it’s very clear that it’s Carol who wins this episode.

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