The fallout continues to hit Louis C.K. Now that the actor has confirmed that the allegations of sexual misconduct against him are true, FX terminated has their relationship with the actor, which put his animated comedy The Cops into jeopardy. While FX hasn’t announced that all the projects C.K. was working on are canceled, they are in trouble. And this problem doesn’t just hit C.K., but also the people invested in the projects. One of those people is trans actress Jen Richards, who took to Twitter to remind us what we lost because of C.K.’s inappropriate sexual advances toward multiple women.

We’re missing out on a trans actor getting to bring a trans character to television, which is a shame. As Richards points out, while she is disappointed, she will continue to fight the good fight.

Animated projects take a long time to make, and when they hit a road block, it can really make everything fall apart. When C.K. made the announcement that the allegations were true, another studio to cut ties with the comedian was Universal/Illumination Animation.

“Universal Pictures and Illumination have terminated their relationship with Louis C.K. on The Secret Life of Pets 2,” reads a statement from the studio.

C.K. was the main voice for Max the dog in The Secret Life of Pets. The movie had a huge box office take – over $800 million worldwide — and a sequel was in the works. The problem is that animated characters are often crafted to the voices bringing them to life. Max was created with C.K. in mind, so now the fate of that animated movie is up in the air. It stands to reason it likely won’t make its June 7th, 2019 release date. What happens to all of those animators and other voice actors that have put in hard work? We’ll just have to see if this project can be salvaged.

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