Wonder Woman 2 is hitting theaters sooner than previously expected. According to Entertainment Weekly, Warner Bros. announced today that the Patty Jenkins-directed film will hit theaters on November 1, 2019. That is six weeks earlier than its previously slated release on December 13, 2019.

The timing of this announcement comes after Disney moved Star Wars: Episode IX to December 2019 back in September. Warner Bros. moving up Wonder Woman 2 could be in response to that to avoid a clash with the sci-fi juggernaut. In 2013, Blizzard announced a three-month delay of the Warcraft film to get out of the way of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which went on to become one of highest-grossing movies ever.

Warner Bros. officially announced a Wonder Woman sequel in July, with star Gal Gadot coming back to play the titular character once again. Just recently, however, Page Six reported that Gadot won’t sign on for the sequel if producer Brett Ratner, who has been accused of sexual misconduct, is involved. Deadline reported today that this is untrue, and that Gadot is officially on board to reprise her role in the sequel.

There is no word as of yet about the story for Wonder Woman 2. A report from July claimed the sequel will be set in the 1980s, and will “send Diana against the forces of Soviet Union in the closing days of the Cold War.” While DC has not commented on this, sources for The Wrap have “confirmed” the story.

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