Maybe you’ve seen the news, but we’re getting more Lord of the Rings thanks to Amazon Studios and a multi million-dollar deal. Confirmed earlier today, the streaming service is contracted for a multi-season production commitment with possibilities for additional content within the Tolkien world.

Here’s a list of shows we’d love to see happen when it comes time for production:

In the Garden with Treebeard.
Learn to bustle your hedgerow with the leader of the Ents, avoid that pesky root-rot and other useful tips.  Each season ends with the 45-hour live Ent meeting event — bring your own wine and lembas bread.

Project Runway: Elf Edition.
Instead of Tim Gunn, Lord Elrond helps the young Elvish designers create garments fit for the highest council in the land. Hosted by The Lady Galadriel and filmed at the Rivendell fashion institute, special guest judges like Lady Arwen and Lord Thranduil will make appearances throughout the first season.

Middle Earth Idol!

Middle Earth Idol.
Hosts Merry and Pippin travel the lands beyond Bree to find the Shire’s next big bard. Created by Tom Bombadil and Co.

Party Planning with Bilbo Baggins.
Follow Bilbo’s simple step-by-step guide for the best birthday parties this side of his 111th. Expect fireworks, and no admittance — except on party business.

Po-ta-toes with Samwise.
Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew and learn to cook like a Hobbit. This holiday special highlights the many uses of Mr. Gamgee’s favorite tuber, and how best to prepare them when on an epic quest to help your best friend. Keep an eye out for the Seafood Special hosted by Smeagol/Gollum.

Ranging with Rangers.
This live-action survivalist show hosted by series creator Aragorn son of Arathorn will take audiences on harrowing adventures and teach skills needed to endure. Will our host reclaim his rightful throne? We don’t know, but tune in next week for the special about how to NOT survive several arrows to the knee with Boromir.

From Gray to White with Gandalf and Shadowfax.
Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about fireworks, pipeweed, and how to keep your hat pointy from the man himself. Look for this special on the East coast at dawn on the fifth day.

Also, maybe some Real Housewives of Dale or an extreme sports league with NOTHING BUT ORCS.

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