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Ben Affleck And J.J. Abrams Unveil The Terrific Ten On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Last night was Jimmy Kimmel‘s 50th birthday. Now, I’ve known of Kimmel since he debuted as the “Jimmy the Sports Guy” on the L.A. area radio station KROQ with Kevin and Bean along with Adam Carrolla as “Mr. Birchum”. Watching him rise from radio morning show regular to a guy with a few cable shows (Win Ben Stein’s Money, Crank-Yankers, The Man Show) to having his own late-night talk show has been a bit surreal and fun. Now he’s a household name and is friends with a big chunk of Hollywood — proof of that came as part of his birthday celebration.

Jimmy Kimmel

Ben Affleck was on to talk about Justice League, and then he brought out director J.J. Abrams and they talked about a comic Jimmy had made when he was a kid called The Terrific Ten. A bunch of Jimmy’s friends got together to make a trailer for what that movie could be and below is the talk with Affleck and Abrams and the World Premiere of the trailer that stars Affleck, Matt Damon, Jennifer Aniston, Zach Galifinaakis, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Cousin Sal, Jon Hamm, Ty Burrell, Shaquille O’Neill, Billy Crudup, Wanda Sykes and Jake Tapper. Nice friends to have.

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