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Flash Season 4: Meet The Live-Action Version Of Black Bison

Tonight’s episode of The Flash introduces us to Black Bison, a character created by Gerry Conway and Patrick Broderick in the pages of Firestorm Vol 2 #1 (1982). In the comics, Black Bison is Johnny Ravenhair who is given an ancient talisman from his grandfather, a shaman of the Bison Cult. The talisman gave him powers that he used to seek justice for the White Man’s crimes against Native Americans. This brought him in conflict with Firestorm. He would later die and be resurrected as part of the Blackest Night series. He has appeared in the New 52 in a team-up with other villains against Firestorm and paired with Killer Frost to take on Major Force. He has the power to animate inanimate objects and to control the weather. He is also a trained fighter.

Black Bison

In the television series, they change things up a bit with Black Bison being Mina Chayton and played by Chelsea Kurtz. We saw her on the bus in episode 403, Lucky Be A Lady and now we get to see what her powers are as she is one of the 12 new metahumans. I don’t know if they are also giving her the rain ability, but the clip below shows us that she has the telekinesis ability to animate inanimate objects as she has a suit of armor go after a man who has been disrespecting Native American artifacts. Kurtz has previously been on The Last Ship, Longmire, Secrets & Lies and Scandal. I don’t believe that she has any form of super-speed or ability to teleport, which means there is no reason Flash couldn’t stop the armor and then race after Chayton…

The Flash airs tonight at 8 PM on the CW.

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