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Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris – All The New Weapons We’ve Found (So Far)

Destiny 2‘s first DLC expansion, Curse of Osiris, is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It introduces a variety of new content; there are campaign missions and Strikes set on the new planet of Mercury, which is home to a new free roam area with its own Public Event and the unique Infinite Forest zone. There’s also new Crucible content and a variety of other changes, but for many players, the big highlight is the new gear.

There are a number of new weapons in Curse of Osiris. While it’ll take some time to acquire them all, we’ve already gotten our hands on quite a few. In the gallery above, we’ve rounded up all the Legendary weapons we’ve seen at this point. You’ll also find a new Exotic trace rifle–the weapon type Bungie added for Destiny 2. Before now, there was only a total of one (Coldheart) in the game; now we’ve got another. You can also check out all the new Faction gear and Eververse cosmetics.

Curse of Osiris’s release coincided with that of update 1.1.0, which made some major balance changes to the game. Numerous weapon types have been buffed or nerfed, and further tweaks to Destiny 2 are coming soon as part of another big December update. The next patch will add Masterworks weapons, which should give hardcore players in particular some much-needed variety.

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