After having one of the most exciting reveal trailers this year, WBIE and Netherrealm Studios are finally rolling out their third series of Injustice 2 DLC characters, starting with The Atom. The voice is a little bit to take in considering some of us have been used to Brandon Routh playing him on the CW, as well as John C. McGinley playing him on Justice League Unlimited. But that’s to be expected as this is the Ryan Choi version of The Atom, as the game eludes to the idea that the Ray Palmer version of the character is dead in this universe from the dialog of Black Manta.


As far as the action goes, it is freaky as hell watching him play with his size and the size of other characters in the game in this reveal trailer. This is going to be an awesome character to learn to play. You can download him for the game when Fighter Pack 3 becomes available on December 12th.

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