A few more DC Comics titles are slipping their schedules.

The American Way: Those Above And Those Below #5 has slipped from November 1st to January 3rd 2018.

Thre’s a lot of Harley Quinn slippage, Harley Quinn #34 has slipped from 30th December to 10th January. Harley Quinn: Be Careful What You Wish For Special Edition #1 – the Loot Crate reprint – has slipped from 29th November to 10th January. Harley Quinn #35 from 3rd of January to 17th January. And Harley Quinn #36 has moved from 17th January to 31st January.

Which means quite a lot of Harley in January 2018… even as Harley says goodbye to 2017.

And, naturally, Doom Patrol #11 has slipped from 22nd November to the 14th March 2018…

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