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Møzaika – No Bad Edits 001 by No Bad Days 🎵


Møzakia broke in the door for us at No Bad Days with our first release, and we couldn’t be happier for him to also kickstart our sister label – No Bad Edits. The name has changed, but the ear for colourful and supremely dreamy tunes hasn’t. As you’ll see that No Bad Edits won’t be your usual re-edit label, so too are these impressive tunes not standard cut ‘n paste extensions.

Using motifs from a long-forgotten 80s New Age cassette, Møzakia shoots for a mellow paradise with three cuts that variously evoke Finis Africae’s 4th world exotica, contemporary house jams, and even the Rainbow Road level on Mario Kart 64. Long may the love-in continue!