Dynamite Entertainment is re-teaming with Lynnvander Studios to make a collectible board game based off of one of their characters. They successfully Kickstarted a ReAnimator game a few months back, and now they’re doing the same thing with Red Sonja.

The new Red Sonja: Hyrkania’s Legacy co-operative game is expected to retail for $40, featuring artwork from the Dynamite comic series including (but not limited to) series written by Gail Simone and Marguerite Bennett, and many more writers and artists. The game will transport players inside the world of Red Sonja where they will join quests, and battle the same foes the “She-Devil with a Sword” has faced! The Dynamite Red Sonja: Hyrkania’s Legacy Kickstarter campaign is live now, and can be found by visiting here.

Red SonjaRed Sonja: Hyrkania’s Legacy is a cooperative adventure game for up to four players. You and your allies will choose from many quests before travelling through the realms in search of artifacts, treasures, monsters and adventure! These are the days of high adventure!

The Red Sonja: Hyrkania’s Legacy board game comes with:
• 4 Quest Cards
• 40 Encounter Cards
• 60 Equipment Cards
• 6 Character Cards
• 70 Realm Tiles
• 1 3-D castle
• 6 Metal Coins
• 4 Stones of chance, and tons of Tokens!

The Deluxe Edition adds:
• 14 Desert Tiles
• 8 Encounter Cards
• 2 Quest Cards
• 14 Character Cards
• Legacy Line Character Cards

The game is expected to ship in May of 2018. Backers who support the Kickstarter will have the opportunity to receive additional rewards, including digital graphic novels and Red Sonja busts based on the work of Art Adams. The Hyrkania’s Legacy Kickstarter is available by visiting here.

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