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Finding the best leather case for the iPhone X

The iPhone X is a great smartphone with one, fairly large flaw: it’s delicate. Not only is its dual-sided glass design delicate, but it’s also fairly slippery. On top of that, the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone to repair. At Apple, a screen replacement runs $279, while any other fix, including repairing the back of the phone, commands a heart-stopping $549. Purchasing AppleCare can reduce those costs dramatically, but even that isn’t cheap: two years of AppleCare is $199, plus $29 for each screen repair and $99 for other fixes. Basically, you don’t want to drop your iPhone X.

The obvious thing to do is put a case on it, one that provides protection for the delicate bits and makes it less slippery to hold. The only problem is that…

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