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Key Collector Comics Mobile App Aims to Make Key Comic Collecting Easy

Key Collector Comics is a smartphone app available on Android and iOS that aims to help both new and experienced comic book collectors track the “key” issues they own or need to collect. Key issues are described by the app as “superhero 1st appearances and other milestones, iconic cover art, writer and artist industry debuts, comics of historical significance, World War II stories and art, recalled issues, scarce issues, golden age issues, controversial comics and many other categories are organized in such a way to help personalize your experience.”

“I was frustrated by constantly googling which comics I should be on the lookout for,” said Key Collector Comics creator Nick Coglianese in a press release. “It surprised me that no one made a comprehensive list of significant events in comics that could be searched quickly and efficiently when needed, so I decided to make the app.”

Coglianese spent two years compiling a database of over 7000 key issues from the Golden Age of comics to today, and he keeps that database updated as new comics are released. The app provides an easy way to check if comics are valuable while flipping through back issues at a comic shop, garage sale, flea market, or anyplace else that hidden gems might be discovered. Users can search and filter the database in several ways, track their own collection and its value, and build a wishlist of comics they want to collect. Key Collector Comics has also recently partnered with Valiant to become the key issue advisor for fans of the publisher.

“Right now, there are a lot of new fans interested in the hobby. They want to collect and have fun while doing it but they’re overwhelmed when they walk into a comic shop or convention,” said Coglianese.  “Now anyone can become an expert on comics in the time it takes to download a mobile app”

Download Key Collector Comics for free on Google Play or the App Store and check it out for yourself.

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