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PitcherVS.Catcher3D by ShinjiMan

PitcherVS.Catcher3D by ShinjiMan Download on the App Store.

Price: Free
Rating: 3.0
Category: Games
Version: 2.1
Created: December 19, 2015 at 12:27AM

How long will you be able to keep meeting the catcher’s demands?
Do your best to keep overcoming the difficult challenges!

[About the Game] 
The rules are simple! The catcher is waiting in some unbelievable situations for the pitcher to throw him the ball.
You are the pitcher and you only have a set number of chances (balls) to pitch the ball to the catcher.
Work around the various obstacles and the batter to get the ball to the catcher.

-Be careful not to over play the game. Avoid staying up too late at night, take a break every 30 minutes, play in a well-lit area, and play at a distance from the television.

【Pitcher VS Catcher 3D】 
-Powered by Unity3D. 
-Developed by Shinji Takahashi.