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Reigns: Her Majesty turns the life of a queen into a wonderfully tense strategy game

I never realized just how many ways there were for a queen to die. In the case of the late Queen Elizabeth, it was cruelty; her people lived in squalor, and eventually they rose up and killed her. Her descendant, Mikki, didn’t fare much better despite a wildly different personal philosophy. She was so beloved she ended up trampled during a stampede for her affection. At times, it feels like there’s no right way to be: no matter how sweet or stern of a monarch you are, a cruel death always awaits you in the end. Such is life in Reigns: Her Majesty, a deceptively simple new strategy game that shows just how tough it can be to be queen.

Her Majesty is a standalone spinoff of the original Reigns, which came out last year and put players in…

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