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Tesla just received its largest preorder of Semi trucks yet

Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Budweiser beer, announced today that it had placed an order for 40 Tesla Semi trucks, even though the truck won’t enter production until 2019. It’s one of the largest reservations of Elon Musk’s new truck to date.

Each reservation requires a $5,000 deposit, so that’s $200,000 in Tesla’s bank account right now. And if the trucks end up retailing for around $150,000, that would put Anheuser-Busch’s bill to the automaker at $6 million. (That’s if and when the trucks end up shipping — which, knowing Tesla, could be a moving target.)

Since it was unveiled last month, the Tesla Semi has racked up a fair number of preorders from several big-name players in shipping and…

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