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The Mr. Robot Hack Report: Unhacking the world

Mr. Robot is back, and the C Y B E R is back, too. The show takes a special interest in showing off the details that usually get glossed over, often drawing on real hacks and real cybersecurity problems. So after every episode, I’ll be breaking down who got hacked, how, and with what. It turns out, there’s a lot more to each one than you can see on-screen.

It’s all coming together! Like a lot of penultimate episodes, this week was mostly about putting pieces on the board for next week’s finale. Darlene is in FBI custody after trying to hack into the evidence system, Dom is finally catching onto the Dark Army’s FBI mole, and Elliot seems to have hacked into the Dark Army itself — all to advance a counter-hack that could undo 5/9 and…

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