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Bungie Will Fix Destiny 2 Locking Some Achievements/Trophies For Non-Curse Of Osiris Owners

It’s been a big week for Destiny 2, as the game received a major update and its first DLC expansion, Curse of Osiris. While that’s brought new stuff to do for owners of the DLC, those who have not purchased it suddenly find themselves with access to even less than they had a week ago. Players are understandably angry about this, as well as the fact that–as a result–certain Achievements and Trophies in the base game are suddenly unattainable without purchasing the DLC. Bungie has acknowledged that problem and said a fix is on the way.

Despite the anger around this situation, this week’s Bungie weekly blog post doesn’t really address the matter. It does state, “We are aware that there are some Destiny 2 Trophies and Achievements that have become unavailable to players who have not purchased Curse of Osiris. We are committed to fixing this issue, and are currently investigating a solution. Please stay tuned for more updates on this topic as progress is made.”

No further details are shared about how soon this might happen, or whether Bungie will make changes to open more content to non-DLC owners. As it stands, they have lost access to the Prestige versions of the Nightfall and Raid due to their Power level requirements being increased to compensate for Osiris’s increased level cap. One of the problematic Achievement/Trophies involves completing either a Prestige Nightfall or Raid.

The latest blog post did bring word about a fix for the bugged Prometheus Lens weapon; update 1.1.1 will address the Exotic’s power in PvP next week. Additionally, we’ve learned the next Faction Rally’s start is just days away. In the meantime, check out our Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris review in progress.

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