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GTFO Gameplay Trailer Showcases 4-Player Co-Op Survival Horror Scares

10 Chambers Collective, a studio formed from ex-Payday developers revealed gameplay from GTFO at the 2017 Game Awards. Following a title announcement earlier this year, this 4-player survival horror shooter’s second video showed scenes of the game in action. As a contrast to the often-brightly lit maps of Payday, GTFO looks to terrify with lots of dark environments. It’s going to be more that just a shooter where you survive against waves of mutants. As scavengers, you have to explore and extract artifacts from a deep underground network infested with monsters. It’ll be in your best interest to hunt for weapons, resources, and tools. Between the high-tech turrets and motion scanners, this trailer had a strong Aliens vibe.

GTFO is scheduled for release in 2018.

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