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Metro Exodus Trailer Showcases A Frozen Wasteland Filled With Horrors

One of the highlights of The Game Awards 2017 was a meaty trailer for Metro: Exodus, the latest installment in the post-apocalyptic survival horror shooter set in Russia. It showed familiar aspects Metro fans will recognize like mutated creatures and very hostile and inhospitable outdoor environment.

The trailer opened with voice over, “There’s no one out there Artyom, no one to help us, no one to hear us,” said a female voice. Returning protagonist Artyom is shown walking through a frozen wasteland. The buildings around him are destroyed and the world seems lifeless. And yet, Artyom keeps going out into the wasteland, looking for something.

Of course, before long monsters appear and force Artyom underground, where he happens upon what looks to be another abandoned Metro. Exploring this, he eventually happens upon a coal-powered train and gets it up and running. Perhaps this train is a key part of the Exodus referenced in the game’s title.

Metro: Exodus is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This sequel is set in 2036, two years after Metro: Last Light, continuing the story from the previous game’s “Redemption” ending. Playing once again as Artyom, this 22 year-old protagonists leaves Moscow with the Spartan Rangers on a journey eastward. Confirmed settings include the Volga River and a locomotive called the “Aurora”. The campaign’s story timeline spans one year. Anna, who is now Artyom’s wife, also makes a return.

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