The web is vast, but it’s not exactly private. In fact, if you find yourself surfing on an unsecured network, there’s a strong chance that someone could be peeking in on your browsing movements, or worse, accessing your personal information. That’s why it’s essential to arm yourself with a top-tier VPN to keep your online movements under the radar, and with Private Internet Access, you can do so for three years for $89.95.

Rated 4.5/5 Stars by PC Mag, Private Internet Access utilizes high-level encryption and IP cloaking to keep your movements private and your browsing location anonymous. That way, you can navigate past trackers and geo-restrictions and enjoy restricted content, like Netflix and Hulu, no matter where you’re browsing from.

What’s more, Private Internet Access features a traffic killswitch that engages if you lose connection. That way, you can shut any windows of opportunity for hackers to attack. Plus, Private Internet Access is compatible with up to 5 devices simultaneously, so you can secure your entire tech arsenal.

Normally retailing for $250, you can get a 3-year subscription to Private Internet Access for $89.95 in the Boing Boing Store.


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