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Niantic Labs has announced that Legendary Pokemon Kyogre has been released into the wilds of Pokemon Go today. According to Pokemon Go’s official website, Kyogre will begin spawning in raids today and will remain in the game until 1:00 PM Pacific Time on February 14th. So you have from now until Singles Awareness Day to pick up your own legendary whale pokemon.

Kyogre is best known as the mascot of Pokemon Sapphire and is the second of the Legendary Weather Trio to make it into Pokemon Go.

In a separate announcement, Niantic has rolled out a new weekly event called Pokemon Go Community Day. The event will offer bonuses for a few hours and focus on a specific Pokemon each week. The first community day will be January 20 and will offer a Pikachu who knows the move Surf. The event will run from 12:00PM to 3:00PM JST in Asia, 10:00AM to 1:00PM UTC, and 11:00AM to 2:00PM PST.

Kyogre follows the release of 50 generation 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go last month as well as a new dynamic weather system, followed by an additional 20 water and ice-type Pokemon that appeared as part of the game’s Holiday event. Kyogre is the second Legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region to be available, following Groudon, who was added to the game last month and will remain until January 15.

However, given the Pokemon Go community’s recent rebellion against the EX raid system, this one might not play out the way Niantic expect it to. That said, it does not appear that Kyogre will only be available through EX raids.

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