Mountain Dew’s newest family member — Mountain Dew Ice — was created as an answer to Sprite. But unlike Sprite, Ice contains caffeine. My boyfriend brought a case home the other day for us to try, but admittedly I hesitated. I’m not a fan of Mountain Dew; it tastes like every video game room at every anime con.

So I do like Sprite. It’s a fairly refreshing drink, and does well with mixed drinks. I was hesitant to try Ice, since it could potentially have some Mountain Dew aftertaste, but you know what? It tastes like Sprite.

Is lemon-lime soda going to grow as a trendy new thing? Well, probably not. Last year, lemon-lime soda only made up for 9.92% of carbonated drinks. But this one is a great addition. The caffeine helped perk me up, too, so overall I’d say this is worth buying. Perfect for a gaming session!

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