The Legendary Pokemon Kyogre is now available in Pokemon Go. Beginning today, players can encounter the powerful Pokemon at Gyms as a Raid Battle, where it can be found for the next several weeks.

As with other Legendaries, you’ll need to team up with other players to battle Kyogre; only after defeating the Legendary will you have a chance to capture it. Kyogre is a powerful Water-type Pokemon, so players will want to bring Electric- and Grass-types such as Jolteon, Zapdos, and Exeggutor to gain the advantage over it.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic had been teasing that Kyogre would be the next Legendary Pokemon coming to the popular mobile game. The studio released a promotional image featuring the monster for Pokemon Go’s recent holiday event, which also introduced 20 more Water- and Ice-type Pokemon originally from Ruby and Sapphire to the game.

Kyogre marks the second Gen 3 Legendary to arrive in Pokemon Go thus far, following its counterpart from Pokemon Ruby, Groudon. Players who have yet to add that Legendary to their teams can still encounter it for a limited time; Groudon will appear in Raid Battles until January 15, giving you only a couple more days to catch the gigantic Pokemon.

Players will be able to encounter Kyogre in Pokemon Go until February 14, just over a month after it first began appearing. Similarly, the Legendary Psychic-type Mewtwo will also be available in the game for a while yet; however, unlike other Legendaries, Mewtwo only appears in the invite-only EX Raids.

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic announced a new monthly real-world event for the game called Community Days. These events have players gather in local parks to meet other Trainers and capture Pokemon. January’s Community Day will feature a special Pikachu that can use Surf, just as in the classic Pokemon Yellow version.

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