The European PlayStation Blog announced today that Hori would be introducing a brand new Bluetooth controller for the PS4 called the Onyx. If this thing doesn’t quite look like a PS4 controller, it’s because it’s not supposed to. The design is a bit bulkier and resembles that of the Xbox One controllers, and in some ways also resembles the Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch. We’ve included some details about the controller below, but this is one of the many third-party Sony-approved products that were being introduced a few months ago and is finally seeing the light of day. If you’re interested in picking one up and have a different kind of controller in your hands, they’ll officially become available for retail on January 15th.


In addition to featuring all core controls and direct Bluetooth connectivity (SB cable not included. To charge the controller, use the USB cable supplied with the PS4 system), the Onyx packs into its broad grip design a touchpad, dual vibration motors and offers asymmetrical sticks. As a result, this latest addition to our growing range makes it easier than ever for gamers to find a controller that suits their unique playstyle.

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