Anthony Marques is not afraid to make the most of all the goodwill he’s generated throughout the industry.  The former art student at the Kubert School, editorial assistant at DC Comics, editor at Dynamite Comics, professional cover artist and now owner of Dewey’s Comic City in Madison New Jersey, Marques’ store has quickly become a magnet for comic book creators.

Andy Kubert, Mike Marts, Buddy Scelera, Tom Mandrake and Fernando Ruiz are just some the artists and writers who’ve stopped by in the few months since Marques took ownership.

Today, comic book creators Amy Chu and Mike McKone will be stopping by from 1pm – 3pm. That’s like, up, in one and a half hours’ time. So if you are in the neighbourhood (or can make it in time) head over to Dewey’s Comic City.

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