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Dark Souls Will Be Getting Special Figurines This Spring

Yesterday we talked about Dark Souls getting a Trilogy Box Set, which was already awesome news about the series that got a lot of people excited. Today, Bandai Namco in partnership with Fangamer announced that they will be releasing a line of Dark Souls figurines that are due to come out this spring.

credit//Bandai Namco

Beyond the website where you can sign up for updates, there’s not much info to go off of beyond seeing a shadowed figure who is obviously in the Armor of the Sun. The possibilities of what they could include in the set are pretty wide as they’ll most likely be channeling all three games, but most likely you won’t be seeing many heroes in the set as there are only so many specific armor combinations that are iconic to the series. It stands to reason you’ll probably be seeing more enemies added to the line, whenever they decide to do the reveal. Fangamer has been doing figuring for several games including Undertale, Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight, Steamworld, Hyper Light Drifter and more. Considering the quality of the products that have been made for those games, it’s safe to say Dark Souls is in good hands.

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