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Doctor Who Actor Demands World of Sport Wrestling Return to UK TV

Noel Clarke, whom you probably recognize from his role as Mickey Smith on Doctor Who, wants to bring another classic British TV show back to the airwaves: World of Sport Wrestling. The original program ran from 1965 to 1985 in ITV, and a revival of World of Sport was tried on New Years Eve in 2016, and seemed to be successful, but plans to bring the show back on a regular basis fizzled, probably because Jeff Jarrett and Impact Wrestling got involved in the production, both of which literally ruin everything they touch. But Clarke wants to try again.


“I’m putting this in the ether,” Clarke wrote. “I’ve been a consistent wrestling fan for 30+ years.”

We knew we liked Mickey for a reason.

“With many more fans out there,” he continued, “two films on the way and a world of talent. There has never been a better time. I want to bring back UK World of Sport Wrestling. Not a one-off special. An ongoing weekly show.”

Clarke asked fans to retweet if they agree, so ol’ Mickey a favor and click on the tweet below to do just that.

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