If you’re one of the many who frequents the indie titles on Steam, chances are you’ve taken some time to play Genital Jousting. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, we’re not going to go into grand descriptions, we’re pretty confident photos of the game will do it justice. Today, Devolver Digital had two big announcements for the game: the first is that it’s finally coming out of Early Access, and the second is that you’ll be getting a story mode for the game. The news was revealed in the tweet below from their account.


What exactly you’re going to see in story mode… who knows! In a game with an objective that’s so simplistic and natural, one wonders what exactly anyone could add to this to make it more interesting, especially when it comes to an actual story. Though we wouldn’t be too surprised to see something involving a pizza guy and a plumber showing up at the same time to help out a couple of twins with their party problems.

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