Back when I owned the original Xbox, one of the things I absolutely hated about it was the controller. It was bulky, the buttons didn’t feel naturally placed, and there was a dome in the middle that served little purpose beyond reminding me it was an Xbox controller. Imagine my shock when the Xbox 360 rolled out to find that the original Duke controller had a fanbase who hated the redesigned model that we’ve come to know for Xbox systems ever since. Well, those who miss The Duke, good news for you, as Hyperkin has announced they’re making a modern version for the Xbox One. The news was revealed by Seamus Blackley on Twitter today.

Clearly, this is not the official design of it, seeing as how the original Duke was missing a couple buttons and the black and white buttons are now obsolete. And more than likely, that giant Xbox logo in the middle will be used to turn on the console. The $70 price tag is in line with current Xbox controllers being sold, now it just becomes a question of whether they go full nostalgia and make it wired.

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