Today, Sega threw up a brand new tweet on their account teasing a big announcement on January 16th. As you can see from the image below, there’s nothing incredible or revealing about the message, it’s simply a lightbulb sitting next to the date on a green background and nothing more. Not even a hashtag to alert people to even the smallest little detail to start any kind of speculation on.

Seeing as how Sega has eliminated any ability for us to speculate, we’re going to encourage you to do it. What do you think or hope Sega will reveal on January 16th? Are you hoping we’ll hear about a new IP announcement? Do you think a current game or a title that’s already in the works will be coming to a specific console? Do you think this is all just one giant build up to something small and insignificant that will appeal to a specific audience of Sega fans but won’t have much impact as a whole? Please, take a moment and share your thoughts in the comments section and speculate with us as to what this could possibly be as we count down the hours to Tuesday.

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