Before the game comes out on January 16th, Capcom has decided to give you an extended preview of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition by showing off all of the characters you know and love in their current makeup of the game. The video, which goes almost 24 minutes, highlights all of the current Street Fighter V members and attempts to show off some of their moves and provide a bit of strategy when fighting as them or against them.

Now, if you’re hoping to see some footage from the latest additions to the game, sorry, you’re out of luck. Fan favorites like Blanka and Sagat are nowhere to be found in this video, and neither is Falke, Cody, G, or Sakura. Also, don’t expect an explanation as to why E. Honda still hasn’t been added back in to join the rest of the major players, it just isn’t here. That being said, this is a nice introduction video for anyone who didn’t pick up SFV the first time around and may be curious about what the Arcade Edition has in store for them. Maybe even give them a heads-up of some new people they might like to try out. Enjoy the video!

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