The dev team at Epic Games wanted to show off some of the new highlights that will be coming to Fortnite in the next update, so the crew put together a lovely short video (which we’ve loaded up at the bottom) to go over some of the grander details. The biggest announcement to come out of the video is that you’ll be seeing several new locations added to the giant battle royale map to both enhance the gameplay and spruce up some areas that are deader than a doornail.

credit//Epic Games

The three areas you’ll be getting are a brand new city, an abandoned motel, and a junkyard, all of which will be hotspots for loot as well as opportunities for different kinds of battles. The city itself is going to remind a few of you of battles you might have had in H1Z1, while the other locations are interesting takes on different assets used in the game. Have fun picking up tons of metal inside the junkyard! Also, a lot of the locations that are already on the map will be given a better graphics upgrade, or as the dev int he video put it, “the swamps look swampier.” Enjoy!

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