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Created: December 6, 2017 at 11:56PM

If you’re not here looking for some truly silly stickers, then…SCRAM! Because Sesame Street’s grumpiest neighbor, Oscar the Grouch, is starring in his own pack of 18 comically grouchy emojis and animated stickers.

Feeling a little miffed, peevish, frustrated, fed-up or just plain crabby? Say it with Oscar! Just by using these mischievous emoji – including 12 animated stickers and 2 holiday stickers – you might mellow your mood and make the day a little sunnier. Which would make Oscar, um, a little miffed, peevish and just plain grouchy!

You can peel and place these Oscar-themed stickers on anything in your conversation…inside bubbles, on top of photos and images, even over other stickers. And we’ll be providing a free update after the holidays with even more cantankerous silliness.

Here are the stickers you get:

• Scram! Oscar cheerfully says a grouchy Scram
• Oscar with quizzical expression
• Oscar with an angry expression
• Grouchy Holidays!
• Bah Humbug
• Oscar with floating heart
• Oscar winks
• Read My Lips
• No.
• Boo Hoo!
• Oscar snores
• Heh-Heh-Heh
• Oscar frowns
• Have A Rotten Day word sticker
• Scram word sticker
• Plate of yucky food
• Yucky word sticker
• Three flies

Now everyone can express their inner grouchiness…in the nicest possible way.

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