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The Seed, Storytime for Kids & Read Along To Me by Swipea Kids Apps

The Seed, Storytime for Kids & Read Along To Me by Swipea Kids Apps Download on the App Store.

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Version: 3.3.6
Created: May 5, 2017 at 05:44PM

The Seed lets children explore the Chinese world with their parents through a story on courage, educational mini-games and fun facts. With word highlights during narration and spot-on pronunciation, The Seed will help your kids learn and speak English.

Designed by parents with kids in mind, The Seed makes a suitable casual, bedtime and homeschool read for children age 4 and above.

From Swipea’s World Explorer series, The Seed prepares children to be GLOBAL CITIZENS through Story, Play & Family Dialogue. Exposing children to different world cultures helps them appreciate the differences in people and their traditions, which is more important today than ever.

Unique App Features:

1. Clear Narration & Word Highlights
Help kids to read with our professionally recorded voice acting narration sync to highlighted words

2. Explore the Chinese World and its Culture
Kids will discover & learn up to 140+ fun facts about Chinese culture, costumes, historical places, music & instruments etc. Interestingly, parents love them too!

3. Cultural Moral Story for Kids Character Development
A story about a young girl named Faye Jing and how her courage and integrity made China to be known as the ‘Flowery Kingdom.’

4. Play Education Games
* Fact Find – Read The Story yourself and discover hidden fun facts on a variety of topics
* Kai Buys New Clothes – Learn about Chinese costumes, including funny ones
* Ling Goes Shopping – Learn Chinese costumes and traditional accessories
* Madam Kwan’s Fireworks – Make your own fireworks display and learn fun facts
* Beijing Music School – Mix your own traditional Chinese musical instrument performance
* Mr Han’s Gardening School – Play 4 different mini-games and learn all about plants

5.Beautiful Artworks and Sound Effects
Cute characters, vibrant colors and hours of educational entertainment

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