Get ready for the Dr. Seuss Cinematic Universe. The characters created by the famed children’s author are getting turned into animated films, thanks to a new deal between Warner Bros.–the studio behind The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, and The Lego Ninjago Movie–and Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

The partnership will kick off with an animated take on The Cat in the Hat, which is currently in development, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “For generations, Dr. Seuss has entertained and delighted children and adults alike with his whimsical tales,” Dr. Seuss Enterprises president Susan Brandt tells THR. “Our partnership with Warner Animation Group continues those efforts by reimagining the beloved characters and stories for theater-going audiences, while keeping the integrity of Dr. Seuss’s vision intact.”

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It’s worth noting that Warner Bros. isn’t the only studio putting out Seuss films. This new Cat in the Hat–and the movies that follow–will not be connected to the live-action takes on The Cat in the Hat and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or 2012’s The Lorax and the upcoming animated The Grinch.

In addition to the Dr. Seuss films, Warner Bros. is currently at work on a TV series based on Green Eggs and Ham, which is being produced for Netflix. There is no announced release date for the new Cat in the Hat movie.

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