Footage of Tencent’s official PUBG game has hit, and what’s more, it actually looks surprisingly good all things considered.


A little while back, news came around that Tencent had gotten the rights to publish an official PUBG game specifically for mobile devices. There have been several unofficial attempts to cash in on the Battle Royale genre craze on mobile (most of which are terrible) but seeing a big company swoop in and try to put out a title for the platform that was officially licenced, now that’s an interesting prospect.

We now have footage of it in action. The game is out on Chinese servers and footage has been trickling out on YouTube and honestly, for a phone version of PUBG, it actually looks pretty impressive. It’s all recognisable, and the map seems mostly unchanged bar a few little details. If you have spent any time in the game, the Erangel locations are instantly familiar. You can see the game in action here from this footage shared by Daniel Ahmad (via VG247). Take a look:

See, it actually looks alright, if at least undeniably for mobile devices.

There are actually two PUBG games being made by Tencent. This one and a more arcadey version set to come later.  It’s not clear if these will ever come to territories outside of China, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. That doesn’t usually seem to happen with these Chinese productions. Still, it’s interesting to see this just as something to be impressed at that exists.

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