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Roman Reigns Spoils Results of WWE Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

On Monday night, the WWE Universe learned who the final participant would be in the men’s Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber PPV on February 25: Seth Rollins… and Finn Balor? If you’re wondering how two men could be the “final participant,” what happened was both men pinned Bray Wyatt at the same time to close out Monday Night Raw in a Fatal 5-Way qualifying match. As a result, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle revealed on Facebook that both men would join the match, making it a 7-man elimination match between Rollins, Balor, The Miz, Bruan Strowman, Elias, John Cena, and Roman Reigns.

But just as excitement was beginning to build for this historic occasion, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns took to Twitter to spoil the whole thing by revealing the end of the match:

Roman’s fans responded as they usually do, with a resounding YASS KING!

But for fans who were looking forward to not knowing who was going to win the match, it’s surely a disappointment to learn the outcome two weeks earlier. Thankfully, there’s still WrestleMania and Roman’s match against Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. It’s not like we’ve known for a year how that one is going to end.


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