Dynamite has sent us a writer’s commentary by Shawn Aldridge for Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella #5, the finale issue of the miniseries. The issue has covers by Chrissie Zullo and Goran Sudžuka with interiors by Rapha Lobosco.

The final hand is dealt as Cassie, Vlad and Vampirella try to stop the Blood Queen from getting the final heart she needs to summon the Mad God Chaos … and before one of them falls. (Listen, someone is falling in this issue!)


Welp, here we are … the end.

Page 1-2

Vlad’s time for some internal monologue. I’m glad I was able to give each of the main characters moments of humanity. Give a little insight to what makes them tick.

Page 3

Bang! Bang! The cavalry is here.

Page 4-5

Cassie getting in a little payback for Blood Queen’s possession of her. Of course, as it has been the entire series, Vampirella’s attention is focused on Vlad.

Page 6-7

The first pages of Vlad’s inner thoughts help add a layer to this scene. We learned how much Vlad cares for Cassie. Here we see it in action.

Page 8

Vlad paying the price for letting his emotions get the better of him for a moment. Upping the stakes.

Page 9-11

Hell hath no fury. Cassie and Vampirella team up, driven by their respective feelings for Vlad. I wanted to make sure their movements mirrored each other to show that they are pretty similar in a lot of ways.

Page 12-13

Magic, always there to ruin a day and to give the Blood Queen the upper hand. Also cranking up the stakes by putting another of our mains in peril.

Page 14

Perhaps my favorite scene in the book. The juxtaposition of the snakes wrapped around Cassie’s head with her explaining how dumb the Blood Queen’s quest for love is gets me every time.  It’s also the absurdity! After all the violence, Cassie might just talk them out of this situation.

Page 15-16

Vlad’s feelings for Vampirella are too much to contain.

Page 17

Just a beautiful shot. Kudos to artist Rapha Lobosko, the artist. Metaphorically, a coming together, a trust between the two.

Page 18-21

The gang defeating the Blood Queen. They are literally holding each other and they push evil away. I love when action scenes have layers. Not to mention, Cassie poking fun at how it all ends.

Page 22

Sad to see the gang go. I wish I could get more time with them. All things must come to an end, I guess.

Thanks to everyone who read the series. I appreciate it. Hope you had as much fun as I did.

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