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3Doodler’s new kit lets kids draw bodies for robotic insects

We’re already seeing a bunch of STEM toys pop up in the days leading up to Toy Fair 2018, and WobbleWorks, makers of the 3D-printing pen 3Doodler, is throwing its hat into the ring. The company is launching the 3Doodler Start STEM series kits, which includes a range of activity kits that let you build robotic dinosaurs and make your own skeleton figurines.

3Doodler has also partnered with robotic insect toy company Hexbugs to launch a “Make Your Own Hexbug” set, which lets kids draw insect body parts and legs on a custom DoodleMold. The little motor inside the completed Hexbug lets the robotic insects hop and scurry across, which kids can put inside mazes or race against their friends.

The kits are meant to be used to teach kids about…

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