Nintendo has released a new trailer for Nintendo Labo, which goes into some new depth about the cardboard gaming initiative.

Nintendo Labo remote

Nintendo Labo remains a fascinating little thing. The cardboard creations that come with little games seem like really fun. From the piano to the little house that big ol’ robot suit, there seems to be a lot of thought put into how each works and how it interacts with the Nintendo Switch itself. It’s a really cool implementation.

You can see how it all works a little better in this new trailer for the various creations. While we saw the functionality of the toys in the initial release trailer, this new overview dives much deeper into how it will all work, how it will teach you to build, and what you can do with the games that come included. What’s more, it shows the creative aspect of it too, with Toy-Con Garage. It seems there, players will be able to actually create their own games somewhat with some very simple coding. This means with your own cardboard, you should be able to craft your own experiences. Take a look:

The creation tools here seem really cool. That seems like the x-factor for me that could give this thing some really incredible legs. Seeing what a community can get done from the off will be fascinating. I have no doubt kids — and kids at heart — will find some really excellent stuff to do with the software. It should be very interesting to play out.

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