if you’re currently playing Fire Emblem Heroes or Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on iOS and haven’t seen the game update in a minute,  you can put the blame squarely on Apple today, as the company is blocking updates to both games due to an update in their loot box policy. Several people at ResetEra have figured out that Apple’s new policy of making loot box odds transparent is the primary cause of the issue since both games have given generalizations about different tiers to their numbers and not accurate figures to each and every individual item.

If this is the case, then we’re probably not too far off from seeing other games be targeted by Apple, and many have pointed out that Hearthstone also operates in the same fashion. While there are those who don’t appreciate being unable to play the current version of the game, others are applauding the effort by Apple to hold Nintendo and Square Enix accountable so people know exactly what they may be paying for. How do you feel about this particular issue? Do you think Apple has every right to deny updates to the games until they update their odds? Do you think they should go further and remove the games until they do? Or is the whole ordeal a waste of time and the developers should be allowed to update games already on the market?

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