We told you in January that Hawkman was to get a monthly comic book series spinning out of Metal.

Then in February that it would be written by Robert Venditti.

And DC’s PR department and their media partner the Washington Post have confirmed that with a certain Bryan Hitch as artist, who drew the recent Hawkman Found.

Hawkman, Venditti says, has been chronicling history through his time as an archaeologist and through multiple reincarnations that have made him experience almost every time period imaginable.

“The biggest question mark he has when we open up this series is about himself. He has now become his own greatest adventure,” Venditti said. He’s been “unlocking his own deep past, his own origins, his own mythology and discovering things that he has not known up to this point and the reader will very much be swept along in that mission of discovery and exploration along with [Hawkman].”

“As much as he knows and as much as his experience with his many lives has brought him, he’s about to find out that he knows a very small piece of the story,” Venditti said. “There’s a mission he has to fulfill and if he doesn’t, it’s going to have implications not just for Earth, but for the wider DC universe.”

The comic will debut in June. Oh, and yes, the mace is back.

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