As you may be aware, Chucklefish, the people who helped publish Stardew Valley, is in the process of producing a few more indie titles. One of which is a game called Spellbound, which features witches at a school doing witch things. (We don’t know a lot yet about it.) Today, the company took to Twitter to let you know that name is so last week and that they’ve officially renamed the game to Witchbrook, as you can see below with graphics and a fancy new logo.

We personally don’t mind, if anything, the new title seems to fit the game a little bit more than Spellbound, which sounded more like a record shop you could also buy lava lamps at. Hopefully, we just gave the developers a brand-new idea of a location to put into one of their games, because we’d totally hang out there all day long. Beyond that, the company didn’t really give out any further details about the production, release dates, additional photos, or anything involving the development of the game. But at least we know it has a cool title whenever it finally comes out.

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