Have you been curious about Sea of Thieves but you haven’t played any of the demos, watched any video, and haven’t had anything to do with the game beyond passing news articles? You’re in luck! The team over at Rare would like to educate you about the game before it goes live. With less than a week before the game is released on PC and Xbox One, the developers have put together this eight-minute video showing off the game in all of its aspects so that people who have zero clue what it’s about can have a chance to familiarize themselves with the game before launch.

The shorthand version is that they go out of their way to assure you that you’re not just buying some simple pirate game that you’ll grow bored with after a couple hours. They really show off the adventure aspect, along with the cross-play feature for PC and Xbox One owners. The game is also very unapologetic in the idea that you need a crew of humans to make this work, meaning you’ll need to make friends and won’t have any NPC pirates to help you man the ship. Enjoy this long but informative tutorial before the game is released on March 20th.

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